Today's Innovation
is Tomorrow's Tradition

The seminal event of the Innovation Condominiums Project was passage of the The Morrill Act in the midst of the Civil War. It granted free land to qualifying states to establish higher-education institutions. Years later, the federal government granted funds to make them a reality. Texas, having been a sovereign republic, didn’t have federal land appropriate for a higher education institution. Harvey Mitchell in Brazos County had the vision to aggregate the most private land among other proponents and successfully persuaded the State of Texas to use the Brazos County site to establish an agricultural and mechanical school to benefit from the act. In the early 1960’s Gen. Earl Rudder, the Great Innovator, advanced the vision to transform a small military college into a  multiversity that would become a world class teaching institution in many disciplines and for a diversified student base. Since then, the Bryan-College Station community has become a formative place for exceptional innovators whose work has literally made a difference in the world.


Rudder’s vision needed the right feedstock to ignite and grow great innovations. His successors provided it by exposing all students to the best human traits that foster progress, such as persistence in the search for excellence with dedicated integrity, coupled to an honest desire to make this a better world. This environment has continued to attract game-changing innovators who in some way or another have given this community an outsize influence in the concert of cities considered to be thought leaders in our time.


It is only appropriate that a new transformative lifestyle is available in this community to house those connected to the university, in private professions, businesses, research or in any other walk of life. The Innovation Condominiums Project aims to fill this role. Its planned-community nature, spectacular layout, architectural features, quality construction, unreplicable location, make it the culmination of a long transformative trek for the Brazos Valley. The time for its birth is now.

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